Murrumbateman Growth


Murrumbateman Growth – it is happening – come and talk to the Murrumbateman Community Association to find out the latest information.  See us at the Markets or email

We want to know your views and what recreational and community facilities you would like to see incorporated in the future residential and urban development of Murrumbateman. What were the reasons you moved here? Put yourself in the mind of persons who would want to move here in the future and what facilities should be near where you live.

Planning documentation developed by Yass Valley Council (YVC) and the NSW State Government will see Murrumbateman develop into a major district town of 10,000 persons predicted to occur by 2031.  And it will continue.

Infill of existing undeveloped land is currently occurring based on the Murrumbateman Structure Plan approved by Yass Valley Council in 2012.  Further growth involving residential development will predominately happen to the north /northwest of the existing village. When the Barton highway duplication finally bisects Murrumbateman further development will occur to the north-east of the highway.  It will all depend on water security and sewer infrastructure with Council working on forward planning for future infrastructure.

YVC purchased the Hawthorn property (north Murrumbateman) in 2010 for $3M and it was viewed as ‘long term investment for the community’ with higher order development is dependent upon rezoning, and returns expected to increase beyond $10M (stated March 2015 GM YVC). Owners of private land to the north and northeast have also undertaken independent studies for development.

The community made submissions to YVC in 2015 on uses of Hawthorn land and some information is still relevant. If interested please read:

Note works are being progressed by YVC including water security, strategic biocertification, proposals for construction and operation of a high school in Murrumbateman. In 2023 YVC employed a strategic planner to work on the ‘North Murrumbateman project’. MCA has also been working with Council to provide initial community concerns and comments and lobbied for community meetings – the first being held on 19 October 2023. Further consultations will occur as Council progresses on these planning issues.

Basis information influencing planning and growth of our region is in these documents on the YVC website:

  • Town and Villages Study 2010
  • Yass Valley Settlement Strategy 2019
  • YVC Long Term Strategic Planning Statement 2020
  • YVC Election Priorities (27 October 2022 Council meeting attachment paper)
  • Draft South-East Tablelands Regional Plan 2041