Council News

Council meeting briefs – Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Development application lodged for erosion gully rehabilitation at 66 Brooklands Road, Wallaroo.

The DA involved the importation of 8000m3 of fill that would be used for the rehabilitation of an eroded gully on the land. The DA was exhibited and 18 submissions were received. A planning forum was held in February 2021, giving the applicant and submission authors the opportunity to put forward their views to the Councillors.

The Council debated the application for approximately 45 minutes on Wednesday, 24 March and resolved to approve the DA subject to a number of conditions on the development consent, including:

  • Limiting the hours of operation of heavy vehicles on the local road network to 9am to 4pm.
  • Restricting the maximum number of vehicle movements (deliveries) per day to eight.
  • A site survey to be undertaken prior to, upon completion of any works, and/or at the 6-month period of the development or the delivery of 4000m3.
  • Heavy vehicles are required to have specific identification so that they can be identified as delivering fill material for an approved development (ID to be 1m x 1m in size and displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle).
  •  A traffic management plan is to be developed to incorporate restricted hours of operation of 9am to 4pm, the maximum number of movements being restricted to eight, and to be submitted to Council for approval.
  • A detailed revegetation and fencing plan is to be submitted to Council prior to the commencement of the works and upon completion of the development an inspection to be undertaken by Council and a follow up inspection be undertaken following two growing seasons to ensure that the rehabilitation work has been satisfactorily completed.

Fill being imported into the Local Government Area from the ACT is an ongoing issue and Council is currently putting together a number of actions to deal with the problem, including budget allocation for the employment of compliance officers, a compliance levy on development applications, review of the heavy haulage contributions plan and a review of the draft filling policy. Councillors also resolved to forward a submission to the ACT Chief Minister and ACT Attorney General seeking tighter controls and to undertake collaboration with the Canberra Region Joint Organisation on the issue of fill material from the ACT being placed on rural properties in NSW.

Graffiti Wall

Council has given its continued approval for a free graffiti wall under the Hume Bridge – a place where anyone can contribute graffiti art for the community to enjoy.

Local graffiti artist, Jade Roche, last year proposed to Council that the face of the bridge support under its Laidlaw Street end be converted to a free wall for graffiti art. Following an initial trial period from November 2020 to February 2021, Councillors have given the wall their continual tick of approval. A garbage bin and informative sign will be installed at the site.

Yass Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Project: Design and Business Case Preparation

In December 2020, an update on the progress of the Yass Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Project was

provided to Council, including discussions with the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (Water). Council determined at that meeting that regular reports on the progress of the project would be provided to councillors, and the first of these was on Wednesday, 24 March. It was noted that a comprehensive Peer Review is underway and it will give greater clarity and confidence in proceeding with the current preferred option. The next steps are to complete the Peer Review and to commence the concept design and business case for Stage One, which aims to improve the quality of water, particularly during extreme weather events.

Safety Concerns Burley Griffin Way Binalong – Safety Barrier Update

Councillors were provided with an update on the progress of installing traffic barriers adjacent to the residents at the intersection of Burley Griffin Way (Stephens Street) with Fitzroy and Richmond Streets Binalong. It was resolved that the Binalong community will be consulted in relation to the option of the closure of Fitzroy Street, Binalong, where it intersects with Stephens Street. Further information regarding this community consultation will be provided after Easter. In the meantime, the installation of a traffic safety barrier on Stephens Street, Binalong between Fitzroy and Richmond Streets will not be progressed further at this stage.

Winery Trail tender
Council resolved to accept a tender submission from local contractors Complete Civil Pty Ltd. Council is in the process of organising an inception meeting with the successful proponent to work together on a delivery program and timeframe. It is expected works will commence in May with Hercules Street identified as a priority.