Murrumbateman Master Plan 2031 Working Group

The Murrumbateman Master Plan 2031 (MMP) was released by Yass Valley Council in May 2012.

It was revised after extensive public consultation. The revised document would have been available sometime in January 2014. More information can be found HERE

In July 2012, the Murrumbateman Recreation Reserve Grounds Committee (MRRGC) and the MPA (previously MABPA) made a joint submission to Yass Valley Council on the Draft Murrumbateman Master Plan 2031. The joint submission can be found HERE.

The contractors that were engaged to develop the MMP 2031 were dismissed back in March 2014. Since then very little work has been done on the plan by Council staff. The Planning Director resigned and the new one has yet to set some goals for the Master Plan.

At the last Recreation Grounds meeting (24 February), I was asked to prepare sketches for Recreation Grounds that will form part of the Master Plan development covering the areas anticipated to be part of the Murrumbateman Recreation and Reserve Grounds. This will start the conversation with Council and all users of these areas for a future plan that will form a small part of the overall Murrumbateman Master Plan.

The Fit for the Future Project will inform the Community of the details of future funding for these types of developments and keeping a close ear on Development Applications will also inform the debate.

The Murrumbateman Master Plan Working Group has had no reason to meet yet and there are only a few people who have indicated interest. I anticipate a meeting before the next Recreation Grounds Committee set down at this stage for the 26 May.

If anyone is interested in joining this group, please contact Kim William at


Objectives: The Association has set up the MMP working group to:

  1. Monitor the development of the plan, working closely with the planners at Council,
  2. Keep the membership aware of those developments, and
  3. Provide advice to the MPA Executive on the conformance of developments with the MMP.


  1. Provide written monthly updates on the MMP development (liasing closely with Council) by the third weekend of each month, and
  2. Keep all correspondence on the MMP and Development Applications for easy access of members in the MPA Offices and provide an updated list to the Secreatary by the third weekend of each month.