Business Plan & Grants Working Group (BPGWG)

Business Plan

MAPBA will be holding a Business Planning Day on Saturday 9th November from 1-6pm at the Murrumbateman Recreation Meeting Room. The aim of this meeting is to develop a Business Plan for MAPBPA and Field Days. The MABPA Executive, Sponsored Activities and Working Group participants will be participating.


Last Updated Provider Name Purpose Status
15/08/2013 Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry(DAFF) DAFF Community Food Grant Murrumbateman Farmers Market & Signage Unsuccessful
05/10/2013 NSW Government's CBPP Program 2010   New Murrumbateman Scouts Hall Successful
06/09/2013 Yass Valley Council (YVC) Small Community Grant ProgramHealth and Wellbeing 2013/2014 School Survey & Advertisement Successful
04/09/2013 Yass Valley Council (YVC) Small Community Grant Program 2013/2014  Murrumbateman Sport and RecreationAquatic Centre Feasibility Study Unsuccessful

Last Updated 14/03/2017