Working Groups

Working Groups

In this section you will find information about the various working groups within the MPA. Usually working groups are only active for certain periods of time while they are needed.

Active Working Groups

The MPA currently has the following active working groups:

  1. Primary School Working Group (PSWG)
  2. Murrumbateman Master Plan 2031 Working Group (MMPWG)
  3. Murrumbateman Village Green Stage Working Group (MVGSWG)

Archived Working Groups

The following working groups are inactive:

  1. Constitution Working Group (CWG)
  2. Murrumbateman Communications Working Group (MCWG)
  3. Business Plan & Grants Working Group (BPGWG)
  4. Governance, Structure & Finance Working Group (GSFWG)
  5. Code of Conduct and Duty Statements Working Group  (CCDSWG)

Last Updated 14/03/2017