Welcome to the MPA Members Area of the website.

In order to gain access to this section of the website, you must become an MPA Financial Member. Membership information can be found HERE. By gaining access to this area, you can view the MPA financial members list, minutes and financials.

Once you have become a MPA Financial Member, you will receive a link to register for access to the members area. When you have registered for access you can then login into the Member only section, once it has been approved. When you register your details you will receive:

  1. A confirmation email saying that your registration is pending approval. Your registration should be approved if you are a financial member.
  2. A second/final email saying that your registration has been approved, including details for logging in, and notification that your account is ACTIVE and you can log in. Please note you can only access this section when you receive this final email. It may take a few days for registration to be approved. If you are not a MPA Financial Member registration will not be approved.

Last Updated 04/05/2017