Living in Murrumbateman

Outside the village center of Murrumbateman there are a number of residential areas built as estates or communities. These estates and communities have their own corporate or controlling bodies. Generally these corporate or controlling bodies are responsible for ensuring the general maintanience of the estate is completed. They ensure inportant information is forwarded to all residents within the estate. They can also resolve any disputes that may arise.

Jones Park (2013)


Below is a list of the estates


Carrington Park

Dundoos Estate

Jiparu/Valencia Estate

Merryville Estate
Contact –
Merryville Estate Forum

Merryville Park

The further from the village you go the bigger the properties tend to get. This is part of the attraction of moving into the Murrumbateman area.

Other residential areas around Murrumbateman include:

Murrumbateman Village (CBD)

Crisps Lane

Dog Trap Road

Euroka Avenue/Ramsey Road/Ryslipp Drive/Patemans Lane

Gooda Creek Road

Gounyan Road

Hillview Drive

Long Rail Gully Road

McIntosh Circuit and the roads coming off it

Murrumbateman road and the roads coming off it

Shiraz place

Vine Close

Woods Close/Eaglewood/Hidden Creek/Ironbark Winery