Visual Identity Guidelines (Logo ToR)

The Murrumbateman Progress Association (MPA) Executive and members have endorsed a single visual design for the MPA, sub-committees and working groups for use in communication/promotional products etc. Having a consistent visual design and branding or a visual identity is essential for projecting a coherent image of a modern and professional organisation. It will save time and money in the preparation of materials and will ensure they are all produced to the same high standard for MPA and all sub-committees/working groups. It will also make it easier for the public to identify MPA material amongst the large amount of information they are faced with each day and to quickly evaluate it as authentic and reliable.

To be effective, a visual identity must be applied consistently. It is mandatory for all communication material — letters, publications, banners etc. The full name of the association including the word ‘Incorporated’ or the initials ‘Inc.’ must appear in legible characters on official documents, including all business letters, statements, invoices, receipts, notices and publications (including website) in connection with its activities. For further advice contact

The logo was originally designed by One Design, Murrumbateman (Deborah Butt). New logos for the MPA and the Field Days have since been redone by Voodoo Creative and information on these can be obtained via The ‘rolling hills’ design for the Field Days is also considered part of the Field Days branding and for more information on this, contact

All subcommittee / working group design files must be provided to the MPA Secretary. To request a copy of current approved design files for graphic designer use contact or (02) 6227 5895.

Last Updated 14/03/2017