Recreation Grounds Mowing

The MPA owns the mower.  The Yass Valley Council pays for the running expenses - fuel, filters, etc.

The MPA and the various clubs that use the ground (pony club, adult riders, etc) contributes a certain amount each towards the mowing.  Menshed oversees the process, and schedules the mowing.

The money that the clubs and the MPA donate is returned to the clubs in proportion to the number of hours that each club spent on mowing.

Menshed keeps a log of all mowing and maintenance, and the money is  distributed from these figures.

All mowers must be accredited by the Menshed, before they can commence.  Anyone can help with the mowing, and if not a member of a club, they get no payment, or they can nominate a club that their hours are credited to.

For all enquiries regarding Recreation Grounds Mowing, please contact the Menshed President at

Last Updated 14/03/2017