In this section you will find the MPA minutes from 2013-2016. Please note the Treasurer's Report & Profit and Loss Statements have been omitted.You must be a MPA Financial Members to access this information. Membership information can be found HERE.


MPA Minutes 2016


MPA Minutes 2015
 Minutes of the MPA February GM held on 19th February 2015
 Minutes of the MPA March GM held on 19th March 2015
 Minutes of the MPA April GM held on Thursday 16th April 2015
 Minutes of the MPA May GM held on Thursday 21st May 2015
 Minutes of the MPA June GM held on Thursday 18th June 2015
 Minutes of the MPA July GM held on Thursday 23 July 2015
 Minutes of the MPA August GM held on Thursday 20th August 2015
 Minutes of the MPA September GM held on Thursday 17 September 2015


MPA Minutes 2014


MPA Minutes 2013

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