Murrumbateman E-Newsletter

The Murrumbateman Progress Association (MPA) produces a regular E-Newsletter with information about the association and other information for the area and major events. This is sent in an email to its mailing list and they can also be found below. The MPA Secretary from 2013-2016, Ms Clair Dupont, first started the monthly E-Newsletter in order to better inform the community about what was going on in the area.

If you would like to receive this regular E-Newsletter and other information please send an email to or click HERE to subscribe to the MPA mailing list. If you would like to provide information or advertise in the E-Newsletter please email the MPA Secretary at The Executive/MPA Members will then make a decision. Please note that generally speaking, the MPA does not accept advertising in the E-Newsletter.

Uploaded  Murrumbateman E-Newsletter   Club Spotlight / Other Councillor Message
09/03/2017  Murrumbateman March E-Newsletter 2017  N/A /  Jasmine Jones
28/11/2016  Murrumbateman November E-Newsletter 2016  N/A /  Michael Reid
05/09/2016  Murrumbateman September E-Newsletter 2016  N/A  
25/07/2016  Murrumbateman July E-Newsletter 2016  Murrumbateman Cycling  
13/06/2016  Murrumbateman June E-Newsletter 2016  N/A  
09/05/2016  Murrumbateman May E-Newsletter 2016  N/A  
24/02/2016  Murrumbateman February E-Newsletter 2016  Murrumbateman Cricket Club  
01/12/2015  Murrumbateman December E-Newsletter 2015  Wildcare  
19/10/2015  Murrumbateman October E-Newsletter 2015  N/A  
 12/10/2015  Special Murrumbateman Field Days E-Newsletter October 2015  N/A  
 10/09/2015  Murrumbateman September E-Newsletter 2015  N/A  
 27/07/2015  Murrumbateman July E-Newsletter 2015  N/A  
 16/06/2015  Murrumbateman June E-Newsletter 2015  N/A  
 11/05/2015  Murrumbateman May E-Newsletter 2015  Murrumbateman Landcare Group  
 30/03/2015  Murrumbateman March E-Newsletter 2015  Murrumbateman Book Club  
 23/02/2015  Murrumbateman February E-Newsletter 2015  Murrumbateman Adult Riding Club  
 12/01/2015  Murrumbateman January E-Newsletter 2015  Murrumbateman Karate Club  
 01/12/2014  Murrumbateman December E-Newsletter 2014  N/A  
 21/10/2014  Murrumbateman October E-Newsletter 2014  N/A  
 10/09/2014  Murrumbateman September E-Newsletter 2014  N/A  
 28/07/2014  Murrumbateman July E-Newsletter 2014  Murrumbateman Magpies Cycling  
 16/05/2014 Murrumbateman May E-Newsletter 2014  Dazzle Dance Academy  
 12/05/2014  Murrumbateman April E-Newsletter 2014  N/A  
 30/03/2014  Murrumbateman March E-Newsletter 2014  N/A  
23/02/2014 Murrumbateman February E-Newsletter 2014  Murrumbateman Tennis Club  
 09/01/2014  Murrumbateman January E-Newsletter 2014  N/A  

Last Updated 14/03/2017